It’s good to talk at Christmas

A Facebook friend has left a stern ‘post’ on my ‘timeline’. There’s an inscrutable pussycat telling me:

Sorry but I don’t answer private numbers…

Or numbers that I don’t know…

Or anyone, ever.

Also, don’t call me.

Turns out she – no, not the cat – really dislikes people calling her and prefers to ‘chat’, by which she means ‘instant messaging’. I’m a Facebook newbie and some of the jargon is doing my head in. But this post really pulled me up in my tracks.

As a recent immigrant, she would not know BT’s memorable TV adverts of the 90s – but you probably do – with that lovely Bob Hoskins (sadly departed mother Earth) and Maureen Lipman (very much alive) who quite literally could not shut up on the phone. ‘It’s good to talk’ was an adman’s dream campaign that would alter BT’s fortunes.

I have concluded that the younger generation are not much into Christmas cards. Nor, it seems, into phone calls. So maybe I’ll get instant messaged or receive online cards this Christmas. But despite all these ways of sending greetings via the social media, my instinct is still to talk.

So my challenge to you is to phone your friends this Christmas (but just hope it’s not Maureen Lipman that answers or you’ll never get away). Maybe you’ve fallen out over Brexit or Trump? It’s Christmas, time to spread a little happiness.

It’s also prime time to pause, reflect on and celebrate the birthday of Christ. We’ve listed all the local Christmas services we could find on page 4.

I’ll not let the New Year pass without sharing my resolution for 2017, inspired by PrinceEa, the American poet, filmmaker and speaker. Look up his video ‘Everybody dies but not everybody lives’. He quotes a study that concluded it is not death that most people are afraid of. It’s getting to the end of life only to discover that you never truly lived.

In the study, 100 elderly people were asked about their biggest regret. Nearly all of them said they regretted not the things they did, but the things they didn’t do. The risks they never took; the dreams they didn’t pursue…

You can hear this truly inspirational message on YouTube for free. Hit that curly arrow and ‘share’ it with your friends when you follow up on that Christmas phone call.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers and advertisers. We’re hibernating in January so our next Ripples will be in February.


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